Providing healthcare innovators with a platform to effectively market their products and services.

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About Us

Incorporated in September 2023, BeeSouls Healthcare Marketing Private Limited was conceptualized with a vision of revolutionizing healthcare marketing by providing healthcare innovators with a platform to effectively market their products and services.

At BeeSouls, we envision complementing healthcare innovators to do what they hate to do the most – market their unique or patented or innovative products and services to small, medium, large domestic and international hospitals through healthcare technology product dealers.

With a combined experience of over 75 years spanning across domestic and international markets, we at BeeSouls are uniquely poised to cater to hitherto unidentified and hence unsatisfied needs of hospitals through business gap analysis.

We will be glad if we can address the triad of ‘A’s – Accessibility…Availability…Affordability - in healthcare to a certain extent.

Our Vision

To revolutionize healthcare sales & marketing

Our Mission

To provide healthcare innovators with a platform to market their products & services effectively

Management Team

Rahul Musale

Co-Founder & Director, Rahul is a microbiologist by educational qualification and an avid traveler by heart. He describes himself as a Tuareg or belonging to nomadic tribes. He has over three decades of professional experience in international sales, institutional trade and tender management spanning over fifty-two countries. His professional exposure includes business domains including marketing management, channel management, logistics, regulatory affairs etc.

Rahul has worked for companies like Abbott, Ajantha Pharma, Famy Care at domestic and international levels. Starting his career as a medical representative, he rose through rank and file to work as a C-suite level management professional.

In his spare time Rahul loves to read and is an automobile and gadget aficionado.

Arti Godbole

Co-Founder & Technical Director, Arti is a biomedical engineer by educational qualification and a wonderful mother of two intelligent and art loving daughters. Arti has over fifteen years of professional experience as a clinical application specialist and a hospital planning consultant. She has worked across business domains like clinical education & support, diagnostic imaging planning, diagnostic workflow planning etc.

Arti has worked for Siemens and has visited regulated countries like Germany and non-regulated countries like China, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Tanzania apart from India for work.

In her spare time, apart from raising her two wonderful daughters, Arti loves to travel and meet people.

Aniruddha Patwardhan

Co-Founder & Director, Aniruddha is a pharmacy graduate by educational qualification and an avid reader by heart. Aniruddha has over three decades of professional experience in pharmaceutical brand management. He has also dabbled in corporate marketing, sales reporting management, business development and salesforce training.

Aniruddha has worked for companies like Lupin, Indoco Remedies, Blue Cross Laboratories and Siro Clinpharm. He has traveled to regulated countries like Germany and the USA and non-regulated countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Kenya for business.

Aniruddha has a special interest in technology and has conducted training programs in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and soft skills for his colleagues across the length and breadth of India.

Our Brand Story

Honeybees identify flowers from which to choose nectar from. They procure the nectar without harming the flowers. In that process they carry pollen grains. Honeybees process and store the honey collected in honeycombs. The flowers have a unique ability to continuously produce nectar. Honeybees have the capability of continuously collecting and storing honey.

At BeeSouls we exactly do in business what honeybees do in nature. We keep an eye on zealous and brilliant researchers, manufacturers having innovative healthcare technology products or services. We approach them, present our vision & mission and bring their innovative healthcare technology products to our clients.

Do you like our brand story? We would love to hear from you.

Zealous and brilliant researchers, manufacturers having innovative healthcare technology products or services spread across the globe.

Versa Controls is a one-stop shop for all things like sensors and gauging / pneumatic gauging technology Versa Controls serves in automotive, aerospace, electronics, materials, optics, semi-conductor, bearing and healthcare industries.
PranNiti, a respiratory support system, with innovative and patented technology from Versa Controls is the first product being brought to the market by BeeSouls. PranNiti is indicated in respiratory failure type 1 patients.
For more information on PranNiti and to know why its tagline is ‘IMPRSS with the 3 in 1 advantage, please click on PranNiti brochure link here.

Institute of Medicine & Law (IML) is in the domain of medical negligence and is involved in educating healthcare providers across India on medical laws.
We bring a few unique products from the stables of IML. Please contact us to know more.

VoidStarIndia is a product engineering company in information technology. VoidStarIndia is into cybersecurity, multimedia and computer vision.

Saintiant Technologies Pvt Ltd is focused on developing innovative medical diagnostic devices that harness cutting edge technologies to improve diagnosis process.

Our Client Profile

Small, mid-sized and large hospitals and nursing homes spread across the globe whether Government, private, for-profit or non-profit.

Our Value Add

At BeeSouls, we are not involved just in trading innovative healthcare products. As we approach our OEMs and service providers, we screen their innovative healthcare products and services to see the right client fit. With our ear-to-the-ground approach, we continuously give feedback to them about new product ideas and improvement in existing products by adding valuable features which our clients want.
We understand the product from a technical as well as ‘benefit to the client’ perspective, capture the value and then design strategies to communicate this value to our end customer i.e. Doctors..

Why BeeSouls

Combined experience of over 75 years

Varied backgrounds of founders with varied exposure

Healthcare ecosystem network

Domestic / International / Private / Government / Tender business Online / Offline / Urban / Rural / Global

Trust & credibility built over 30 years

Trust positivity with potential customers

Market & customer insights

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